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Koutetsukan (vessel) 
Tonnage: 120 tons
Length: 65-110 feet
Draft: 6-9 feet
Crew: 100+

The koutetsukan was an armored type of ship.

Creation Edit

The Iron Turtle was created by Kaiu Sunshin. It was meant to sail the rivers and seas of the Shadowlands, as the Sea of Shadows. It was 100 feet long had a low rounded roof bristling with spikes of iron and jade. Iron plates covered the hull. Because of its size and shape, it was prone to capsizing in any sort of rough sea, thus the other nickname of "turning turtle". Due to its unseaworthiness, the Mantis Clan would not use this type of ship. [1] [2] They were built at Fundai Mura[3]

Figurehead Edit

The figurehead on an Iron Turtle ship always depicted the head of a dragon. Its mouth contained a tube that led below deck, allowing the Crab to pump out clouds of smoke, toxic fumes, or even gouts of burning oil. [4]

Variants Edit

Iron Turtle

An Iron Turtle

The Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada gifted the Yasuki Daimyo Yasuki Taka with a miniature Koutetsukan, suited to hold about three dozen crewmen, rather than the standard hundred plus. [5] The Mantis Koutetsukan were extremely rare, due largely to the cost in producing them, and were typically commanded by the rikugunshokan of a storm. [6]

Moden Koutetsukan Edit

In the late 12th century the Crab made wooden versions of the koutesukan, layering their hulls with thick wooden plates while still retaining the iron spikes. The resulting vessel was still impressively difficult to board and offered its crew significant protection, while improving its maneuverability and resistance to capsizing. This variation saw greater successes against enemy navies. [7]

Known Koutetsukan Edit


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