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Kolat Master

A Kolat Master

Leaders of the Kolat conspiracy, the Kolat Masters guided the cabal towards its ultimate goals. There were ten Kolat masters, each one leading a Kolat sect. The very existence of Kolat masters was the best kept secret of the Kolat.


The Masters operated mostly independently from one another. Each master knew the real name of a few of the other masters. When meeting others, in order to protect their identity, the masters wore Gold Masks magically enhanced to alter their voice. The Masters also wore long black robes in order to make their gender difficult to assess.

If someone other than the legitimate master donned a gold mask, it branded the face of the imposter, searing them and leaving them in excruciating agony.

The leaders were known by the name of their sect preceded by the word "master", e. g. : Master Cloud, for the Cloud Sect.


When a master died, if they had picked a successor, then this person became that sect's new master : e. g. Ikoma Soko, former Master Steel who picked Morito to succeed her.

If a successor hadn't been designated, then every other Kolat master nominated a single candidate and they were all put to a test. The candidate who emerged from the testing as most worthy became the new master.

Once chosen, the new master was then attuned to the Gold Mask of their predecessor via a special ceremony. This last was used to ensure that there wasn't going to be too much division between the masters of different sects. From time to time, other Kolat masters had taken a part in the selection process for other Kolat sectarian successions, which helped avoid stagnation or dynastic feuding.

Early Days[]

In the beginning the Kolat was a hereditary society, which passed the conspiracy's philosophy from parents to children. But after several generations, the weakness in that system began to show, so they began grooming promising candidates from outside the conspiracy for leadership. [1]

Masters before the Clan War[]

The Ten Kolat Masters

The Ten Kolat Masters, from left to right

The modern masters[]

Since the Clan War, the Kolat Masters organised the organization into sects. Each sect was run by its own master, and the ten were the following;

Known Technique[]

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