Tonnage: 70 tons
Length: 75 feet
Draft: 6 feet
Crew: 25+; 5 or more officers

Kobune were the first very useful ships in Rokugan. Methods of curing and treating timber allowed the hulls to last longer. These advancements were made on barges and dugouts. Thus the kobune were born. Later advancements include using pitch to seal the seams between the planks and using seasoned wood to make properly shaped hulls. Most of these advancements were made by the Mantis Clan. [1] Kobune used large rectangular sails with a rigid construction, and some had even three masts. [2] After the 2nd century the kobune became the most common sea vessel in the Empire. Kobune warships featured a quarterdeck for archers at the stern and even the bow. [3]

Watanabe Kobune Edit

The Watanabe family developed a new style of kobune wich were constructed piecemeal, and could be assembled or disassembled in little under an hour when the pieces were complete. The pieces were all identical, allowing for faster repairs; the Watanabe kobune was Rokugan's first product made with replaceable parts. [4]

Known Kobune Edit

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