Kitsune Mori

Kitsune Mori

Kitsune Mori, or the Forest of the Fox, was a large forest near the wide plain of the Scorpion Clan.[1] It was the home of the Fox Clan and the many spirit creatures, especially kitsune, that lived within the forest.

Forest Edit

Kitsune Mori 2

Kitsune Mori

The Kitsune Mori was between the plains of the Scorpion and the Crane.  It spread across the edge of the Ronin Plains, covering the lower hills near the Lake of Silent Dreams. It was a lush place, filled with a wide variety of animals and rich vegetation. This land hasdnever been farmed, despite the fertile soil. [2]

Fox Clan Edit

In the year 90 the remnants of the Ki-Rin Clan within Rokugan were exiled from their lands after the Lion annexated the lands of the departed Shinjo. The Emperor Hantei Genji gifted the suvivors the lands in and around the Kitsune Mori, who formed the Fox Clan. [3]

Shadow Dragon turns on Kitsune Edit

Attacks On the Prophet Edit

When the Prophet Kitsune Narako discovered her powers, mysterious bandits started launching raids out of Kitsune Mori. The bandits seemed like ghosts, attacking suddenly and then disappearing within the shadows. The Fox Clan were almost completely overrun without ever even identifying their attackers. Finally, Kitsuki Taiko and Kitsune Ryukan were able to figure out the bandit's equipment had the mon of the Sons of Winter bandit group on it, although they had supposedly been destroyed in Shinomen Mori ages ago. [4]

Bandit Identity Edit

When Kitsuki Taiko and Kakita Hideo escorted Kitsune Narako out of the village, the attacks ceased, but when she returned the attacks increased tenfold. The Mantis Clan came to the aid of the Fox Clan, using the Candle of Shadows to hide Kitsune Narako's presence and sending Tsuruchi hunters into the forest to eliminate the bandits. While hunting a bandit, Tsuruchi Takeba discovered that the bandits were spirits and skeletons. Word was sent back and teams of shugenja started combing the forest to purge it of corruption. [5]

Shadow Dragon Edit

Eventually, it was discovered that the Shadow Dragon had orchestrated the attacks and had given the Sons of Winter the power of Nothing. His original plan was to use the Fox' connection to Chikushudo to gain the awareness of all animals in the world, making him nearly omniscient. When he realized Narako's gift of prophecy, he instead sent the Sons of Winter to kidnap her, and to take her gift for himself. The Shadow Dragon was repulsed by Narako's purity. It is not known how the Shadow Dragon will continue to use the Sons of Winter. [6]


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