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Kitsuki Yaruma 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 11th Day of the Rooster, 1123 
Spouse: Kitsuki Cheniko 
Children: Bayushi Togai 
Titles: Magistrate

Kitsuki Yaruma was a magistrate of the Dragon Clan, and descendant of Agasha Kitsuki. [1] Yaruma served as Emperor Hantei XXXVIII's official liaison to the court of the Dragon Clan for almost thirty years until his death in 1123. [2] [3]


Yaruma's wife, Kitsuki Cheniko, died during childbirth in 1103, and the child, a son, died within a few short months. [2]

"My family has forsaken me, my past has forgotten me, and I am alone."


Yaruma spent much of his time traveling between Otosan Uchi and the Dragon lands, and he often created detailed paintings of the locations he had visited. Yaruma offered the paintings to others in the Imperial Court as a way of breaking the ice. [3]

Scorpion Coup[]

One night in 1123, while Yaruma was in his room in the capital Otosan Uchi, he met with Bayushi Togai. Togai revealed to Yaruma the existance of a scroll which prophecised the return of the Dark Lord Fu Leng. Togai also that Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju had started a plot to assassinate the Emperor, who would be the vessel for Fu Leng's return. Yaruma realized the Scorpion intended to poison the Emperor, so that Shoju could easily kill him with a blade. Yaruma argued that the poison would not get past the tasters, but Togai revealed that he was the taster for that night. Togai was in fact the son of Yaruma, the baby had been switched at birth, and as his son he had inherited the immunity to poison that all descendants of Agasha Kitsuki had. Togai left shortly after, and the next morning Yaruma was found dead, having committed seppuku. [2]

On a withered branch
A crow has settled
Autumm Nightfall
-Death haiku of Kitsuki Yaruma [4]

His Lord Togashi Yokuni had already sent Kitsuki Emishi to command Yaruma his immediate withdrawal of the Imperial City, but Yaruma died when Emishi was still enroute, and was found the day before the Scorpion Coup. [5]

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