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Kitsuki Ryushi 
Kitsuki Ryushi 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Bayushi Saya

Kitsuki Ryushi was a bushi and magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Sensei Edit

Ryushi was the sensei of Kitsuki Taiko. In 1169 when Taiko found a Dragon Puzzle Box outside her room Ryushi warned the item could be a deception. He counseled to examine it throught the Jade Mirror. She returned with a tattoo in her cheek and a story about Togashi Satsu in dragon form. [1]

Ambassador candidate Edit

This year he was among those considered by the Scorpion Clan as the Dragon Clan ambassador to Medinat al-Salaam, but was not deemed threatening enough by Yogo Honami. [2]

Bayushi Saya Edit

At the Ten Thousand Temples he was married in the year 1170 to Bayushi Saya whom he first met in the morning of the seventh day of Hida of 1164 when she arrived with the Scorpion contingent for Winter Court. [3]

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