A Kitsu Sodan Senzo visited by an Ancestor

The Kitsu Sodan Senzo were the descendants of the Kitsu race. [1] They could sense, commune or even summon ancestors. [2]

Training[edit | edit source]

Only full- or half-blooded Kitsu were allowed to attend this school, for it was only they who possesed the requisite connection to the ancestors. Sodan-senzo, however, learned not just to make contact with the ancestors of the Lion Clan, but to those of all the major families in Rokugan. [2]

Traveling between Realms[edit | edit source]

The Sodan Senzo were able to travel in the Spirit Realms with their spirtual forms, wearing a mask that covered their features. Many sodan-senzo believed that this was a natural defense, a way of frightening away potentially harmful spirits. Most Kitsu masks resembled lions, or had some form of feline features, or even the terrible face of a Tsuno. [3]

First Sodan Senzo[edit | edit source]

Kitsu Chiyoko, daughter of Soli Tendo and grandaughter of Akodo himself, was the first Sodan Senzo. Without her discoveries, the Kitsu Sodan Senzo might never have come to be. [4]

Wisdom[edit | edit source]

In their travels the Kitsu sought wisdom and knowledge from the spirits of the past. They could even bring back the spirit of the dead for a few moments. The Kitsu could speak with the ancestor's voice, allow them to see through their eyes or actually incarnate within their flesh. [5]

Any sodan-senzo might attempt to sense an ancestor of any power - be it a household ghost, a Shuten Doji of the Shadowlands, or Akodo himself. However, they might only summon forth, or communicate with those of an equal power to themselves. [2]

Full-blood Kitsu were able to sense and commune with any ancestor spirit, and might even attempt to draw them into himself, while half-blooded Kitsu had not displayed this ability. [2]

Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

From the time of the very first Kitsu, the most skilled member from each generation made one of the greatest sacrifices known. They crossed into Jigoku after death, retaining their memories of life. They cut themselves off forever from the wholeness that was Jigoku, although they continued to dwell there. And in the process, they removed themselves from the Kharmic Wheel, denying future reincarnations of their souls. They formed a 'living' history of Rokugan, an invaluable resource to the generations that followed them. [6]

Toturi Sezaru[edit | edit source]

Exceptionally a non Lion individual, Toturi Sezaru, was invited in 1159 by Daimyo Kitsu Juri to be trained in the school. It was the first time in over five hundred years. [7]

Known Kitsu Sodan Senzo Techniques[edit | edit source]

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