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Kitsu Okura 
Kitsu Okura.jpg 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Titles: Jade Champion

Akodo Okura joined the Kitsu family as Kitsu Okura, a shugenja of the Lion Clan who rose to become the Jade Champion, but brought his clan, name and the title to shame when his dark deals with Akuma no Oni were revealed later.

Akodo Okura[edit | edit source]

Okura was born Akodo Okura, but gave up the Akodo family name and joined the Kitsu family after he showed a natural aptitude for ancestral magic, a few months before the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Family[edit | edit source]

Okura was cousin to Akodo Toturi, and student to Kitsu Toju. [1]

Otosan Uchi[edit | edit source]

Okura was the second Lion who joined the Order of the Blessings of the Eternal Kami, devoted researchers of new spells founded by Isawa Natsuko. In 1122 Okura lived in the Order states at Otosan Uchi. Okura did not spend much time with the community, his shy and a bit cowardly demeanor led him to be alone most of the time. [2]

Hidden Emperor[edit | edit source]

Demeanor[edit | edit source]

Okura was once unsure and thoughtful, but over time he became tempered by war and hardened by defeat. Where there had once been hope, there was only steel. [3]

Early Discovery[edit | edit source]

In 1131 in the Month of the Hare, after discovering Oni no Akuma's essence within an abandoned castle at the edge of Lion lands, Okura decided to leave the oni be rather then destroy it. [4]

Corruption[edit | edit source]

Kitsu Okura was nominated to participate in the Jade Championship after the death of Kitsu Kuroman. It was an opportunity for the Lion Clan to wield more authority while the Empire was in a turnoil. Okura realized his abilities were limited even while poring over every scroll in the Kitsu libraries. [5] In the Month of the Ox Okura fell in a tainted madness. [6] It was then that Oni no Akuma offered him his power again. Surprisingly the two came to an agreement, where Kitsu Okura was offered knowledge and power in exchange for binding himself to Akuma and initiating others within the Kitsu to the Shadowlands. [5] He began to gather any Lion disatisfied with Lion Clan Champion Ikoma Tsanuri and secretly initiated them as followers of Akuma, the most notable of which was Matsu Daoquan. [6]

Jade Champion[edit | edit source]

Okura won the title Jade Champion in 1131 after defeating the Doomseeker Iuchi Karasu much to the surprise of those who knew him. Rumours spread of Okura's power being owed to dark allegiances but he was still awarded the post. [7]

Storms over Matsu Castle[edit | edit source]

Okura's corruption, and the corruption that he had caused within the Lion Clan, came to the fore in 1132 at the battle known as Storms over Matsu Castle. The Unicorn sent Otaku Battle Maidens to assault the castle, discovering the corruption when oni and tainted bushi took the field under the leadership of Okura. [8] [9] The Unicorn were decimated. [10] Though Okura's actions originally had only the best interests ot the clan in mind, he now openly defied Tsanuri. [11]

Vindication as the Lion Defender[edit | edit source]

Okura openly exposed their bindings with the taint, as part of a plan to save the Lion from destruction. He knew that Ikoma Tsanuri marched to aid the Crab against the Shadowlands, but he was misguided by Akuma and foresaw the doom of the Matsu and Ikoma armies in their task. Okura believed himself the defender of the Lion in a time when his homeland was poorly defended and without the guidance of the Lion Clan Champion. [12] At the same time Crane forces commanded by Daidoji Uji marched against them to retake Shiro no Yojin. [13]

Death[edit | edit source]

Okura is released

Akuma sought his tribute for the victory over the Unicorn, demanding to bound the Jade Champion's name to an oni. Okura agreed, obliged by the bargain he willingly made, and his name was given to Oni no Okura, a spawn of Akuma. The oni summoned was more powerful than Okura thought, and the Jade Champion's will was overwhelmed and died in the process. [14] With his death Akuma was released from the bounds that trapped within the castle. [15]

Redeeming Okura no Oni[edit | edit source]

Okura had been able to plant the noble heart of a shiryo within Okura no Oni, and this action eventually redeemed its dark spirit. [16] The oni embraced the Lion Clan's ideals, rebelled against Akuma and became the guardian of Tengoku. [17]

Kitsu Okura's Journals[edit | edit source]

While researching how to redeem an oni, Okura wrote journals which included the Kitsu knowledge of travelling to other Realms. [16]

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Preceded by:
Jade Champion
1131 - 1132
Succeeded by:
Kuni Utagu


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