Please note: This article is about the King of Trolls who fought Muhonarak, the first Ogre. For other uses of the term, please see King of Trolls (disambiguation).

The King of Trolls was the mightiest warrior of the Five Races.

Ability Edit

The King was powered by the troll's patron Flame. The more effort his enemies expended, the brighter and larger the troll's fire would burn. [1]

Challenge Edit

Following the arrival of the Ogre race to Rokugan, his leader Muhonarak was confronted by the Five Races. The Ogre claimed he came to defeat the Champion of Evil. The five Races did not know of any such thing, so they challenged the ogres to two challenges. Muhonarak fought a battle of strength against the King of Trolls. [1]

Death Edit

Muhonarak quickly realized his rival's ability and changed his fight style. He broke the clinch with the troll and used his agility. The troll king attempted many times to catch him, so he expended his energy and began shrinking. Muhonarak struck, cleaving the weakened troll king's skull in half. [1]


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