Golden Sun Plain

Golden Sun Plain

The Golden Sun Plain (HHH) was once declared sacrosanct by an Emperor. Since then the rich fertile stretch of land stood empty because no farming or cultivation was allowed. The only occupants were a few Sparrow bushi who were tasked with ensuring the land remained undisturbed. [1] The Sparrow performed their duty on The Watch, a watchtower. [2]

Appearance Edit

Golden Sun Plain 2

Golden Sun Plain (HHH)

The Golden Sun Plain was a lush expanse of fertile land, clustered with rich forest and huge groves of naturally growing cherry trees. [3] When the sun set, it appeared to light the entire province with a heavenly glow. [4]

Sacred Task Edit

In the year 410 the Imperial Chancellor assigned the Sparrow Clan to guard and protect the sacred plains, a subtle insult, as they were already protected by Imperial Decree forbidding anyone from farming them. Suzume embraced this new task to the heart, despite it was wholly superfluous. [5]

Customs Edit

Live silkworms were collected and kept in cages by their bedsides or around the peasant's necks. The silkworm, protected in its cocoon, could protect its charge from evil thoughts, and sleeping under silken sheets was said to prevent baku and gaki from eating dreams. [6]

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