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A kimono was a long-sleeved robe. [1]

Appearance Edit

It was a robe-like, full sleeved garment. In summer Rokugani wore light silk kimonos and in winter they wore heavier kimonos padded with cotton. A sash called an obi was worne about the waist, with pleats that served as pockets, and the daisho was tucked under the obi. A hakama was a pleated divided skirt which was worn over the kimono and is used at formal occasions. [2]

History Edit

First Kimono Edit

The original purpose of the kimono was not fashion, but defense, as silk gave protection against arrows, wrapping around the piercing point. It was first developed durng the War Against Fu Leng, when all warriors who had no armor wore silk kimono into battle instead. [3]

Popular Edit

After the reign of Hantei XVI the kimono became more standardized, and tghe previous style of dress known as hitatare began falling out of favor. [4]

Ninja Kimono Edit

The ninja kimono often had metal sewn into its seams, helping to turn aside blows. [5]

Colonial Kimono Edit

The extrem heat in the Colonies obliged to modify the design of kimono. Seamstresses began to craft silk kimono that were made of a single layer, sometimes two, with faux layers stitched into them. They appeared to be a formal kimono composed of many different layers, but this was a mere illusion, the extra layers only existed in the places where they could be seen. As the generation of samurai born in the Colonies reached adulthood thinner and thinner kimono were designed, which were banned from the courts by scandalized older Rokugani. [6]

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