Treacherous Pass

Treacherous Pass

The Treacherous Pass (Y) was located in the Mountains of Regret, [1] [2] within the Omoidasu province. [3] It was the only way to enter into the Valley of the Centipede. [4]

Legend Edit

It was a very dangerous route to travel, but it was also the shortest way to the lands of the Emerald Champion from those of the Phoenix Clan. A local legend said that a merchant once lost his life in the pass and his ghost still haunted the mountainside. [5] [6]

History Edit

Defense of the Pass Edit

The Phoenix Clan, who historically guarded the pass with a garrison of mixed troops, bushi and shugenja, had had to defend it from invasion perviously. The last known attempt was in 408, when the pass was held through the bravery of the troops stationed there and the unorthodox tactics of their commander, Shiba Kaigen. Kaigen and his men managed to hold the pass against an army of invading Lion Clan troops, though it was at the cost of their own lives. [7] [8]

Bloodspeaker Sect Edit

In 1111 a bloodspeaker sect, the Cult of the Blood-Red Moon, set up camp in Treacherous Pass following their kidnapping of the Empress Hantei Hochiahime and the imperial heir Hantei Sotorii. The heir was rescued by the ronin Yotsu, but the pregnant Empress could not be saved. [9]

Battle of Treacherous Pass Edit

In 1200 the Battle of Treacherous Pass between the Unicorn and the Phoenix marked the cease of hostilities between both clans, and the beginning of the Unicorn Civil War. [10]

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Kiken na Roka is the name given the pass in Legend of the Five Rings: First Edition page 238, but the name given the pass in Way of the Minor Clans was Tiken no Roka (p. 70), and in the 3rd Edition was Kiken Roka. Though the Rokugani language is not the Japanese language, it often uses words borrowed directly, and in this case, "kiken" can mean "treacherous" in Japanese, whereas "tiken" is not a word. Because of this, it is assumed that the entry in WoMC was a typo, and the correct spelling was presented in 1E. The fiction Guardians by Shawn Carman names the pass "Kiken na Roka", supporting this spelling. The 3E naming without "na" is assumed to be a typo.

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