Ki-Rin's Exodus

Exodus of the Ki-Rin

The Ki-Rin Clan was founded by the Kami Shinjo at the dawn of Rokugan. The clan was named for the magical Ki-Rin. The followers of Shinjo included Iuchi, Ide, and Otaku. The vast bulk of the Ki-Rin Clan left Rokugan after the War Against Fu Leng, vowing to search the world for external threats to the Empire. [1] Those Ki-Rin Clan members who chose not to follow Shinjo into the Burning Sands stayed behind, and eventually became the Fox Clan. [2]

Shifting Edit

It was during these centuries outside Rokugan that the Ki-Rin Clan grew and eventually changed into what is now known as the Unicorn Clan. In 442 after Shinjo was lost in lands far from Rokugan her only living son, Shinjo Yonaru, became the new leader and decided to shift the Clan's name. [3]

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