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A Kenshinzen

The Kenshinzen of the Crane Clan were widely recognized as the best duelists in Rokugan. [1] Also known as Kenshinzo, they served as the heart of the Crane armies, ready to defend their leaders. [2]


A Kenshinzen

The Kenshinzen had dedicated their lives to the mastery of Kakita's techniques. The Kenshinzen were known for their skill, speed, and dedication to bushido. Traditionally, the daimyo of the Kakita family and the head sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy was a Kenshinzen. [3]


The Kenshinzen did not require new initiates to be from the Crane Clan. Any who proved themselves honorable and dedicated to Kakita's style of iaijutsu might join them. Hopefuls must defeat a Kenshinzen in a fair and honorable duel to join. [3] Those who graduated were gifted with a Kenshin's Saya, magical scabbards which would maintain clean and polish their matching blade immediately after it was seathed. [4]

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