Kozue, a Kenku Swordsman

Kenku Swordsmen were trained in the Kenku Kenjutsu School. [1]

History & Legends Edit

In Rokugani legends, especially those from the Crane Clan, there were widespread stories involving mystical Kenku swordsmen who took promising humans as students and taught them the secrets of their ancient style. The students in these legends invariably proceeded to achieve incredible feats and become great heroes. [2]

School Requirements & Style Edit

Although the majority of the tales were myth, there were some truth to those tales. Only humans of very high honour and who were in good reputation with the kenku could actually be accepted by the very rare Kenku sensei. [2] Usually, these students were ronin, skilled swordsmen who have somehow survived without the benefits of formal training. [1]

As the Kenku predated humanity, the kenku style of swordsmanship is an acient, developed, graceful art which could be an incredibly deadly form to those who came up against it. The Kenku themselves were not a violent race, but used the studies of kenjutsu and iaijutsu as a mechanism to expand on self-exploration instead of implementing them as martial styles. [2]

Techniques Edit

The Kenku School techniques emphasized quickness and swiftness of attacks, combined with hitting the very soul of their opponents as well as their body. Kenku style masters could even instantly reproduce the style of any other sword school they encountered. [2]

Known Techniques Edit

Known Students Edit

The Shogun's bride, Doji Yasuyo, studied with the Kenku for many years. It was this training that allowed her to defeat the cursed blade Chukandomo and prevent Doji Kurohito from succumbing to it's malice. [2]

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