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Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159, Month of the Tiger [1] 
Titles: Fortune of Wind

Kaze-no-kami was the Fortune of Wind. [2] [3]

Unnamed Fortune Edit

Kaze-no-kami was one of the three so-called Unnamed Fortunes. They were ancient beings that predated the Fall of the Kami, primordial beings worshiped by primitive man and accepted as Fortunes by Hantei Genji when he embraced the teachings of Shinsei. It and its two brethren, Musubi-no-Kami and Yama-no-Kami, were among the most powerful of the Lesser Fortunes. [4]

Fortune of Wind Edit

Kaze-no-kami ignored mortal prayers to spare its wrath hurricanes and great winds. No shrine to this fortune was greater than another. [5] The few monks who worshipped the Fortune tended to congregate in secluded mountain temples or shrines situated in the center of empty, wind-swept plains. [6] A small sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei was formed, the Order of the Wind. [7]

Death Edit

Kaze-no-kami was slain by Fu Leng during his assault against the Heavens in 1159, and his duties were taken up by the elder Kami. [7] Kaze-no-kami's followers believed that the fortune of Wind shall be reborn, and constantly sought for any sign of the reborn kami. [6]

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