Kankei Seiden, also known as Kyuden Kankei, [1] was the formal estates of the Nasu vassal family of the Shiba. Located in Mamoru Kyotei Toshi, the Shiba sanctioned a formal dojo of their bushi school within the estates. [2] The estate was formed by several hundred residences cluster around the dozens of Nasu offices. A small staff worked at all hours of the night and day. [3]

Suicide Rate Edit

After the defection of the Agasha, the extra work placed on the Nasu overwhelmed them, and provoked an exceptionally high suicide rate among the bureaucrats. To combat this, the Nasu elders encouraged Nasu children to relax more. Tea houses, sake works, and other such recreational facilities began to attract Nasu clientele, and the suicide rate dropped. [3]

Locations Edit

Dojo Edit

The dojo of the Nasu estates taught the Shiba style of swordsmanship. [1]

Between the Walls =Edit

A network of passages laid between the walls, behind all of the rooms of the castle. The network also led to a room with dark walls, marked with long strings of cyphered words, and bones were scattered on the floor. The room was used by remmants of the minions of the Lying Darkness. The official blueprints of the castle shown that the walls of Kyuden Kankei consisted of simple paper and wooden framework, being entirely modular and collapsable within the tracks separating each room, so there was no simply space for anything between the walls. In 1199 the left wing of the estates were burned to the ground by a maddened samurai named Shiba Fukada. [1]

Known Lord of Kankei Seiden Edit


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