Kakita family


Clan: Crane Clan 
Founded: Unknown 
Daimyo: Kakita Ikura 
"For the coward there is no life. For the hero there is no death." [1]

The Kakita family were descended from the children of Doji and Kakita who decided to take their father's name. They comprised a great portion of the Crane Clan's armies and were arguably the finest artisans and duelists in the Empire. Many Kakita would often train in the Doji schools as well.

Founding Edit

The history of the Kakita family began with Kakita, who had five children with Lady Doji. Each of the children were given the freedom to choose their surname at their gempukku - either Doji, after their mother, or Kakita, from their father's line. [2] Only one chose his father's name, Kakita Shimizu, who was the founder of the Kakita household and its first Daimyo. [3]

History Edit

The style of Kakita became the famed Kakita Iaijutsu school, and he passed on his knowledge to any who had the ability and discipline to learn. He created their first dojo, and taught his students the way of honorable combat. All of his five children excelled at dueling, and his son Kakita Shimizu became the first Iaijutsu Master of the Kakita Dueling Academy. Training in the school was hard, and graduates of the school have become some of the finest duelists in Rokugan's history. Since it's founding each Emperor had also sent their sons to study both the physical and intellectual teachings of the school. [4]


Kakita DaimyoEdit

The following are the known daimyo of the Kakita:

Kakita Shimizu  ? - ? (1st century)
Kakita Renshu Earliest days of Rokugan
Kakita Taki (c. 660)
Kakita Yasuhime (c. 728)
Kakita Gosano  ? - 827
Kakita Toshimichi  ? - ? (9th century)
Kakita Yoshi  ? - 1132
Kakita Kaiten 1132 - 1159
Kakita Noritoshi 1159 - 1173
Kakita Ikura (c. 1199)

Vassals of the Kakita Edit

The following were the known vassal families of the Kakita family:

Within the familyEdit

Kakita MonEdit

The Kakita mon was a crane's wing outstretched around an unsheathed katana. The unsheathed katana was a symbol of war and a reminder to the Kakita family that they must always be prepared to defend the Crane house and Imperial line from their enemies. [1]

Schools & PathsEdit

The following were the Schools and Paths within the Kakita family:


Northern Kakita provinces

Northern Kakita provinces

The scattered Kakita provinces were wedged between other family holdings across the Crane lands. The Kakita claimed lands in the cold peninsula in south Rokugan and in the temperate eastern fields near Imperial lands. [5]


The following were known provinces under the control of the Kakita family;[6]

Holdings of the Kakita Edit

Southern Kakita provinces

Southern Kakita provinces


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