The Kakita Academy, also known as the School of Quiet Arts, was the premier dojo for refined arts such as sumi-e (painting), haiku (poetry), and ikebana (flower arranging). [1] It trained the Kakita Artisans, including those who attended the Kakita Dueling Academy. [2]

Founding Edit

Kakita himself ordered to build the Academy, with a curriculum of arts complementing those who studied the sword. Separate buildings were built surrounding the first dojo in which Kakita began his instruction. [3]

Expanding Activities Edit

The masters whom Kakita brought in to diversify the curriculum aggressively expanded their mandate, drawing many students. Administreltion of the artisan dojo and the bushi dojo effectively split in two. [4] They taught the Kakita Bushi, Kakita Artisan, Master of Ikebana, and Master of Poetry schools. [5]

Separate Branch Edit

The Doji chose to train its artisans at a branch of the Kakita Artisan Academy known as Seven Fold Palace, located in the Doji provinces. [6]

Appearance Edit

The Academy was a large building that was joined to Kyuden Kakita proper by several covered gardens and open walkways. The famous Kakita Dueling Academy was but one school in this massive dojo, but the two schools were generally considered separate entities by those outside the Kakita. [1]

Tradition Edit

Most of the Academy's students came to them as children, so the sensei selected a discipline which would fit for their talents. Older students came from the Doji Courtier school, to add a skill that would help them make a better impression at court. [4] It had a history of accepting highly talented ronin into its school, which happened at best perhaps three or four times in a generation. [7]

Sensei Edit

The faculty were supervised by Master Sensei, who taught the advanced students in their discipline, and kept eye on the junior sensei. Each Master had the right to choose his own successor. One of their number doubled as the Grand Master of the Academy. [8]

Notable Sensei Edit

Artisan Masters of 1160 Edit

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