Kaiu family


Clan: Crab Clan 
Founded: 43 
Daimyo: Kaiu Watsuki 
“The strength of the mountain lies at its base.” [1]

The Kaiu family are without question the best engineers in Rokugan. They are the architects of the Carpenter Wall, as well as the catacombs and traps beneath. If anyone in the empire wants to build a structure that will rival all others and stand throughout time, they consult a Kaiu.


Demeanor of the KaiuEdit

Those who dealt with the Kaiu were often surprised by how quiet and soft spoken they were, displaying none of the usual "Crab temper". They were reserved, calm, and acted with a foresight that Shinsei himself would envy. They were builders, planners, engineers, and refined architects, calm, cool, and under control who produced the most potent weapons and ingenious defenses in the Empire. [2] The Kaiu believed in the value of patience and sound planning, looking to the long-term. [3]

Purpose of the KaiuEdit

The Kaiu thought of themselves as the rock anchoring the Hida and Hiruma families. The Crab Clan's support and defenses would be paralyzed without them, so they had little time to search for glory for themselves. Their philosophy emphasized the larger picture and the long term benefits of their actions. They loved to plan and enjoyed seeing intricacies of a well-laid scheme coming together. [4]

Kaiu DaimyoEdit

The following are the known daimyo of the Kaiu:

Kaiu 43 - ?
Kaiu Norio  ? - ?
Kaiu Daishiki 9th century
Kaiu Oshuda Early 12th century
Kaiu Suman (c. 1132)
Kaiu Utsu  ? - c. 1147
Umasu's Father c. 1147 - c. 1157
Kaiu Umasu c. 1157 - 1170
Kaiu Iemasa 1170 - ?
Kaiu Watsuki  ? - Present

Vassals of the Kaiu Edit

The following were the vassal families of the Kaiu:

Within the familyEdit

Kaiu MonEdit

The Kaiu mon represented the sturdiness of the Kaiu and their position as the foundation of the Crab Clan. The bricks represented protectiveness or a shield against danger, and the claw represented hidden weapons striking if the defense was breached. [2]

Customs of the KaiuEdit

A Kaiu giving something built with his or her own hands had made a serious gesture of respect and friendship. Many Kaiu had the curious habit of chewing tea leaves, no doubt because of the prevalent tea harvest in some of their provinces. [5]

Schools of the Kaiu Edit

The following is a list of schools of the Kaiu family:

Lands of the Kaiu Edit

The family's home was Kaiu Shiro, which was literally inside the Carpenter Wall. The wall was built around the fortress, and the Kaiu cared for both with equal fervor. Their lands were comprised mostly of the Twilight Mountains, so some engineering knowledge was practically bred into the people of the area, as a major portion of their income came from iron mining. Much of the rest came from the growing and harvesting of tea. [5]


Kaiu provinces

Kaiu provinces

The following were known provinces under the control of the Kaiu family; [6]

Holdings Edit

The following were the estates and property of the Kaiu family:

Constructions by the Kaiu Edit

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