Siege Master

A Siege Master

Kaiu Siege Masters were the more capable and respected Kaiu Engineers. Most of the Kaiu siege masters were also tactical masters. Through their extensive knowledge of defenses, both theirs and their enemies, they were capable of bringing down fortresses as well as making their own impenetrable. [1]

Duty Edit

Kaiu Siege Engineers were trained to patch and maintain fortifications, even in the midst of battle, and to overcome or subvert enemy fortifications. They were deployed in strength at every fortification in the Crab lands. [2]

Origins Edit

In the late 4th century the Crab Clan Champion called together one hundred Kaiu Engineers to command a siege of the fallen Shell of the Crab castle. After two months, the engineers were ready to begin the Battle of the Tortoise, and it took them three weeks to carefully tear down the Shell's defenses. Eightynine of the one hundred engineers survived the siege, and they were granted the title of Siege Masters by the Clan Champion. [3]

Known Technique Edit


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