Kaiu Gineza 
Born: 459 
Died: 511

Kaiu Gineza a genius engineer of the Crab Clan.

Wife's Death Edit

Gineza was the youngest Kaiu ever to be allowed to lead his own team on an out-of-clan construction project, a bridge in Crane lands. During his absence, a Shadowlands incursion killed his wife and everyone in the village where they lived. Gineza shifted his demeanor, became obsessed with developing new ways to kill the clan's enemies. [1]

Tomb of Iuchiban Edit

Gineza was the chief architect of the Tomb of Iuchiban. He sealed himself in the tomb as he set the last traps. [2] Other sources said that Scorpion assassins entombed him within his creation so that the secrets of the tomb would remain safe. [3] [4]

Third Raising of Iuchiban Edit

In 1165 the spirit of Gineza was sought by Kaiu Sui, a Kitsu Sodan Senzo married with a Crab descendant of Gineza, Kaiu Kuma. She told him that the Four Masks of Iuchiban had been gathered and Iuchiban freedom could be near. Gineza suffused his descendant, joined his memories with him, and Kuma knew where the Tomb was. [5] They had been manipulated by Bloodspeakers and Iuchiban was free some time later. [citation needed]

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