Born: Pre-calendar 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named Bayushi 
Children: Kaiu Norio,
several un-named sons 
Titles: Kaiu family founder,
Kaiu Daimyo

Kaiu was known as the First Smith, [1] the builder of ships and armor and was the founder of the Kaiu family. [2] Kaiu also apprenticed the famous Crane smith, Doji Yasurugi. [3]

Initial Duty[edit | edit source]

Kaiu was intially tasked with the construction of Kyuden Hida, and created armor for many of the Crab Clan's first followers including Hiruma. Kaiu's relentless application to his work however caused him to be banished from the construction site by one of his sons, who thought he pushed the peasant workers too hard and would cause the project to fail. [4]

"I need something I can touch with my hands if I am to understand it."

Oni no Hatsu Suru[edit | edit source]

In 43 when Hida first began his search for followers, Kaiu stepped forward with Hiruma and Kuni. To prove themselves they had to enter the Shadowlands and kill Oni no Hatsu Suru, a guardian left behind by Fu Leng. Kaiu's part in the fight with the oni was crafting the weapon Chikara which was wielded by Hiruma and later became the Ancestral Weapon of the Crab Clan. Kaiu was badly wounded by Hatsu Suru in the fight protecting Kuni, but survived. Afterwards Kaiu's reward was permission to found his own family and granted the honor of coordinating the defense against the Shadowlands. He was a blacksmith and forged the weapons used against the Shadowlands. [5]

"A samurai is protected by steel and conviction."

Kaiu family[edit | edit source]

The Kaiu family was formed with craftsmen and builders who were helping construct the castles and fortifications in the lands of the Crab. [7] After Kaiu founded his own house, he was offered a bride by the Bayushi family. Kaiu Norio was his eldest son and heir. [8]

Claiming the Lands[edit | edit source]

When the fledging Crab Clan moved to southern Rokugan to claim these lands, Kaiu was sent to a particular isolated area. There he was met by a woman named Iko, leader of the Tribe of the Closed Eye, who was waiting his arrival. This tribe was formed by sages, and many had the gift of Divination. Iko promised to pay taxes, but refused to fully join the new Clan. No longer a tribe anymore, the began to be known as the Order of Fukurokujin's Eyes. [9]

Sensei[edit | edit source]

Kaiu was the sensei of the legendary swordsmith Doji Yasurugi. [3]

External Links[edit | edit source]

Shiryo no Kaiu

Preceded by:
Kaiu Daimyo
43 - ?
Succeeded by:
Kaiu Norio


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