Kaimetsu-Uo Seido

Kaimetsu-Uo Seido (M3)

The Shrine to Kaimetsu-Uo (M3) in the Kaze province, [1] was a complex with seven buildings. The Order of Osano-Wo and the Order of Kaimetsu-Uo, resided there, [2] though their origins laid beyond the shrine. [3]

Founding Edit

The shrine was built by the Mantis merchants who found the body of Kaimetsu-Uo laying dead on the deck of a pirate vessel, surrounded by the bodies of dead pirates. When the Mantis returned, they constructed a shrine in his honor at the first sign of land, tended by one of their number, who shaved his head and retired immediately. [3]

Alternative Tale Edit

Other legends said that the shrine was erected upon the ascesion of Yoritomo who wished to honor his ancestor, and ask his blessing on the Mantis. Since then the Mantis have been blessed with good harvests, good trade and few storms, not to mention Great Clan status. Most Mantis believed their ancestor was holding up his end of the bargain, and visited his temple regularily to express their appreciation. [4]

Mantis Weapons Edit

The Ancestral Weapons of the Mantis rested in Kaimetsu-Uo Seido since 1133, when Moshi Wakiza in her deathbed pointed to the weapons dooming the Mantis unless they could be wielded by a "prodigy of sword and spirit". [5]

Tradition Edit

Those Mantis who claimed to be great warriors made a pilgrimage to Kaimetsu-Uo Seido to challenge the monks to non-lethal unarmed combat. Defeating the monks there afforded the bushi tremendous respect from his clansmen. Moshi Mineko achieved it when she was just a teenager. [6]

Destruction Edit

In 1200 when the Third Seal broke, all Mantis Islands were attacked at once, and overrun by a Shadowlands horde. Kaimetsu-Uo Seido fell beneath the feet of monstrous kaiju and was lost to flames. [7]


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