Jinn of Eternal Beauty 
Jinn of Eternal Beauty 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Faded to the stars in 1132

The Jinn of Eternal Beauty was a free jinn of the Qanon and member of the Celestial Alliance.

Awaken Edit

She had been dormant inside the one known as Kurrat al-Ayn during four hundred years. [1]

Celestial Alliance Edit

She fought against Kaleel and his legion as part of the Celestial Alliance. [1]

Celebration Edit

After the Awakening she was in the wedding celebration between Sahalah, daughter of the murdered Sultan, and Saqr al Fediq, a jinn Sahir who had taken human form. [2]

Kaleel's defeat Edit

Sayel devoured Kaleel and his armies, but at great cost. After unmaking the Jinn, the Sayel threatened to spiral out of control, until another member of the Alliance, the Shadow-Jinn and Kaleel's brother, Israk managed to funnel it into the heavens, where beings greater than those of our world could hope to oppose it. [3] The Celestial Alliance Leader Lurza told another sacrifice had to be made, and faded. The members of the Alliance began to have their forms dissolving as light to join their champion in the heavens. There the Alliance would fight his last battle against Sayel, in a place he could not harm the world. [3] A seventh star appeared in the sky, as recognition of their sacrifice. [4] It was called the Morning Star. [3]

Death Edit

In the stars every Alliance member died in the fight or was devoured by the Sayel. [5]

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