Jinn Servant 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Qolat Master

The Jinn Servant had lost his name, taken away by his brethren, the jinn for his sins.

Jinn killer Edit

He was a jinn of great power, who served many capricious mortals. During these days he found how to kill a jinn, and used the secret against his brothers. [1]

Lost name Edit

The jinn who survived the Day of Wrath confronted him and stolen his name, becoming the Jinn Servant. He was condemned to serve the humans forever. [1]

Qolat Edit

A group that plotted against the Gods, who would be known as the Qolat, sought him. He would become an important and loyal asset of the organization. He was granted the station of one of the three first Qolat Masters, alongside with Qolat, the first who talked against the Gods, and the woman known as Tala. [1]

Preceded by:
Qolat founder
After Day of Wrath
Succeeded by:


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