The Jade Legion was a small but highly-trained and extremely efficient force who aided the Jade Champion in addition to his Jade Magistrates and the ability to have troops detailed to him from the Imperial Legions. The Jade Legion was comprised of bushi of the highest caliber, usually selected from the ranks of the Great Clans for their purity, martial prowess and their ability to work closely with shugenja.

Sword of the Jade Champion Edit

If the Jade Magistrates were the Will of the Jade Champion, then surely the Jade Legion were his Sword. Among the Jade Legionnaires, there were those who stood above the rest and who possessed truly astounding abilities. These men and women were among the greatest heroes in the Empire, even if few ever learned of their deeds, and yet they were honored to serve as personal vassals of the Jade Champion when called upon. [1]

They were recognized by a jade seal emblazoned upon their kimono. [2]

Burden Edit

The Jade Legion existed to combat the Shadowlands Taint in all its many forms, and that simply was not a topic for conversation. It was so in the courts of any civilized clan anywhere in the Empire. Jade Legionnaires brought distinction to their clan and family, but at the cost of becoming virtual social pariahs. [3]

History Edit

Ruined City Edit

In 1168 cleansed the Ruined City of the Ninube. [4]

Preparing the assault to the Shadowlands Edit

Following the appoinment of Kuni Daigo as the Jade Champion he began a campaign against the Shadowlands. In 1169 the Crab ransacked Shinden Asahina to gather any piece of jade, destroying many pieces of jade art. [5]

Juzimai destroyed Edit

In 1170 the Legion led by Akodo Koun and Daigo himself destroyed the juzimai Shadow Lightning in a forest near the Shinomen Mori, within the Toritaka lands. [6]

Battle of Shutai Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War the Jade Legion was magically hurried inside Shutai, in the Battle of Shutai. [7]

Known Jade Legionnaires Edit

Known Technique Edit


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