Iuchi Atesoro 
Born: 354 
Died: 418

Iuchi Atesoro was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan.

First Iuchi Bushi Edit

Atesoro was the first member of his family to ever take the ways of the bushi over that of the shugenja. It was not known whether he could simply not hear the kami, or chose to ignore them. [1]

Dodging range attacks Edit

Born into a family with no skill at armorsmithing, Atesoro had to become proficient avoiding blows since he had nothing to withstand them. It was said that he learned his almost mystical talent for avoidance from shugenja schooling of the Iuchi family, though the specific techniques to such were lost to time. He was said to have been able to charge a group of gaijin archers, and was able to slip through each and every one of the arrows' fall. [1]


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