Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Suitengu

Isora was the Fortune of the Seashore. [1] She was married to Suitengu, Fortune of the Sea, [2] but other sources said she was the lover of another Fortune, who was obliterated by the Lying Darkness long ago. [3]

Demeanor Edit

Isora was a lonely and quiet Fortune, invoked by sailors wishing to make it back to port safely, and by those who lived along the coast. She was temperamental, prone to causing suffering simply to express her own sudden surges of anger. Every morning and night Isora frustrated herself into anger as she tried and failed to remember the name and the face of a Fortune that was erased forever. The Mantis Isles housed Isora's greatest temple [3] and the Order of the Shore were devoted to her. They tended large fires in their temples and shrines, never extinguished even when threatened by the harshest storm. These fires served a dual purpose in both demonstrating the monks' dedication to their patron and providing a signal to those at sea, helping them avoid Isora's unfocused wrath. [4]


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