Mantis Islands

The Mantis Islands

The Islands of Spice and Silk were the home of the Mantis Clan, and named for their two chief exports, spices and silk. [1]

Islands Edit

The Isles were directly in line with the Spine of the World Mountains, east of southern Crane lands across Yakamo's Heart. [2] The islands were volcanic with thick black sands, hot springs, and rocky mountains jutting up through thick jungle. Waterfalls, twisted rivers, and lushly carpeted forest, were scattered with bright birds and delicate flowers. The islands were usually warm, due to the volcanic heat, which kept the jungles fertile. [3] Hundreds of visitors journeyed to the isles each year simply to view their sheer beauty. Despite the constant threat of volcanic activity, only one eruption had occurred between the 9th and 12th centuries, which formed the island that featured the Imperial city of Koutetsukan. [2]

There were a number of islands in the archipelago:

Koumori Edit

Islands of Spice and Silk

Islands of Spice and Silk

When the armies of the Kami were scouring the Empire destroying those they thought to be minions of Fu Leng, a koumori spirit, Unmei, and his people were spared by Hida who saw that they were not followers of Fu Leng. Unmei and his people fled to the Islands that would later be known as the Islands of Spice and Silk. [4]

Mantis Clan Edit

Kaimetsu-Uo, his mother and their followers travelled out to the Islands off the coast of Rokugan, and settled there [5] in the year 79. [6] He named the islands the Islands of Spice and Silk. [7] The koumori, bat spirits of Chikushudo, were part of the wildlife of the island. The bats were hunted by a deadly evil, and Kaimetsu-Uo made a bargain and stroke it down. In turn, the koumori taught Kaimetsu-Uo and his followers how to make a life on the islands, and the the Mantis Clan was truly born. [8]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

In 1200 when the First Seal was destroyed, the Sea of Shadows expanded and the creatures from it threatened the Mantis Islands. [9] Several Mantis forces sailed to fight the new menace. [10] The Mantis eventually fell to the Shadowlands. [11]


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