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Isawa Yasuko 
Isawa Yasuko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Master of Air

Isawa Yasuko became a Master of Air at the age of seventeen. [1]

Paintings Edit

Yasuko created an inkbrush that all that it painted came to be. [1]

Aiding the Crab Edit

Yasuko went to Kyuden Hida alongside her yojimbo Shiba Fukade to give aid to the Crab Clan, called by the Crab Clan Champion Hida Chomen. The Crab defeated a Shadowlands' army in a massive battle, for she could hear the plans of the dark armies. [2]

Death Edit

Despite her paintings had shown no danger about the journey Yasuko was attacked two days after the battle in a sortie near the Kyuden. Just before she had painted a monstrous six armed oni, rending the helpless form of the Fortune Tenjin. Fukade killed the demon, but too late to save her charge's life. She died four days later of the injuries. [3]

Tainted Inkbrush Edit

The magical Isawa Yasuko's Inkbrush somehow had been tainted in the Crab lands. Since that day the pictures acted as a beacon to Shadowlands creatures, attracting them to attack the artist. [4]

Preceded by:
Master of Air
(c. 900) [citation needed]
Succeeded by:


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