Isawa Tanayama

Isawa Tanayama

Isawa Tanayama was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan who became corrupted, and was known as The Necromancer.

Corrupted Edit

Isawa Tanayama 3

Isawa Tanayama

Tanayama was an impatient student in the Isawa school. Through a series of compelling dreams, he was led to the path of corruption and maho by the Elemental Master Isawa Iku. [1]

Necromancer Edit

For a long time he was simply known as The Necromancer, until he was later revealed to have been Tanayama. [2] He was a Bloodspeaker member of the True Sons of Isawa cell. [3]

Clan Wars Edit

While the Great Clans were preparing for the unavoidable battle to control Otosan Uchi, the Necromancer fought in the Battle of Doro Crossroads under the command of Moto Tsume, with the Lion army winning the day against a Shadowlands army, a Toturi's Army, and a Phoenix army. [4]

Second Day of the Thunder Edit

Isawa Tanayama 4

Isawa Tanayama

The Necromancer led the Yogo Junzo's reinforcements to the Imperial Palace. He killed the Qamar just before Shiba Tsukune defeated the dark shugenja. [5]

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Isawa Tanayama 2

Isawa Tanayama as Necromancer


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