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Isawa Takao 
Born: 465 
Died: 489 
Titles: Master of Fire

Isawa Takao was an impetuous youth, and that aspect of his character never left during his brief life. Despite his rash and reckless personality, he was an incredibly gifted shugenja, and became Master of Fire at a very young age.

Takao the Student Edit

Isawa Takao was a prodigy in the magical arts, even among the Isawa family. He trained under many of the most talented sensei in the Isawa's schools, and they all marveled at his abilities. By the age of 18, Takao had far exceeded the expectations of all of his instructors. [1]

Takao the Master Edit

So great was the skill of young Isawa Takao that when the position of Master of Fire came open, Takao was considered for and given the office, despite being only 21 years of age. Takao had neither matured nor mellowed since his time in the Isawa's academies, and was still as rash and impulsive as ever. The other Masters found Takao very immature, but his skill could not be overlooked, and his newfound position offered him considerable leeway in his actions. [1]

Takao the Fool Edit

So great was the pride of Takao that he could not stand for any perceived affront to his authority of the Element of Fire, and Takao perceived many, many slights. One such perceived slight was the power of the Oracle of Fire. Takao saw the existence of the Oracle – the living embodiment of the power of the Element of which he was supposed to be Master – as an insult, showing that there was another more powerful than he.

After only three years as Master, at the age of 24, Takao challenged the Oracle to a duel in order to prove his superiority. He swore that he was powerful enough to defeat even the Chosen. He sought out the Oracle, finding him in a giant tower of fire that rose form the earth and stretched to the sky. The flames could be seen for miles.

For a long while, Takao merely stood and watched the flames dance. The Oracle did not move. It appeared the he was in a trance, even unaware of the Master of Fire. Then, without speaking, Isawa Takao stepped forward into the flames.

Takao was consumed by the flames immediately. The Oracle's fires quickly disappeared, and the Master of Fire was no more. [2]


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Preceded by:
Master of Fire
486 - 489
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