Isawa Tadaka (TCG) 
Isawa Tadaka (TCG) 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Isawa Ujina 
Siblings: Isawa Kaede (half) 
Titles: Master of Earth

Isawa Tadaka was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan and the Master of Earth.

Family Edit

Tadaka was son to Isawa Ujina, Master of the Void, [1] and half-brother [2] to Isawa Kaede, an Ishiken as their father. [3]

Scion of Earth Edit

Tadaka became the Scion of Earth, the favored student of Isawa Rujo, the Master of Earth. Rujo took advantage of Tadaka's own research and insights, which began to appear in his sensei's latest texts. [4] Shiba Tsukune, daughter of one of his father's friends, was appointed as his personal yōjimbō, and eventually they fell in love of each other. [5]

Tadaka's Agenda Edit

Tadaka was driven by the urge of knowing more about the taint, and how to confront it. He managed to get scrolls of the dreaded Isawa Akuma, detailing the research made in his youth related to purification of the elements. Tadaka learned that kami were easily entreated by a shugenja offering his own essence, at the cost of part of himself. [4] In 1123 during the funeral of the late Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Ujimitsu, his yōjimbō Shiba Tsukune was selected by Ofushikai as the next Champion. [1]

Kaito Family Edit

Tadaka, Tsukune, and Kosori

Tadaka, Tsukune, and Kaito Kosori

Tadaka marched to Cliffside Shrine, home of the Kaito family, where he must investigate the mysterious death of Isawa Iwahaki, [5] a prominent priestess. He was followed by Tsukune, despite she had been appointed as the new Phoenix Clan Champion. All around them, the shrine showed signs of decay and desecration, and the wards that had bound an evil demon for centuries were fraying. [6] They solved the mystery, at the cost of minor wounds for Tadaka but severe ones for Tsukune. [4]

Elemental Master Edit

Tadaka had expected to get permission from his sensei for moving to the Crab lands, in order to complete his research, [1] a place he had visited before with his father. Rujo publicy had rejected his request and a duel was held to resolve the matter of honor between Tadaka and his sensei. Tadaka was the victor, thus he became the new Master of Earth. During the duel Tadaka suffered grievous wounds in his face, scarred flesh twisted around the gaping hole where his cheek had been, exposing his teeth and the bone of his jaw, a wound which would never heal. He began to wear a small silk cloth wrapped around the lower half of his face, concealing his scars. Sesai Yasuhide was appointed as his new yōjimbō. [4]

Kaito family's New Duty Edit

After Tsukune recovered from her wounds, she announced to the council that the Kaito had a new duty, to investigate shrines, maintain the elemental order, and report to the Isawa about their findings in the matter of the elemental imbalance. [5]

Journey in the Kuni lands Edit

Isawa Tadaka (TCG) 2

Tadaka journeying the Kuni lands

Tadaka move to a rural village in Kuni lands. In the meantime the surprising disappearance of Isawa Ujina had left the Council of Five with only three Masters, and the Phoenix sent a samurai to seek out Tadaka, to recall him and regroup the leadership of their Clan. [7] Asako Tsuki was the chosen. [8]

Kuni's Aid Edit

Tadaka arranged the aid of the Kuni Daimyō Kuni Yori in his journey to Hiruma lands, in return for his assistance during his time at Sagisōmine Shrine. There the shrine keeper, Azusa, was sick due to influence of a gaki. Tadaka had waited patiently until the pesasant hermit passed away, in order to kill the hungry spirit, which could only be truly killed while it fed. The Master of Earth had baited Azusa, her pain and confusion in her final moments all but ensuring that she wouldd awaken in Gaki-dō, the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, a damned soul. Yori had taken the gaki's barbed tongue, a precious material to make protective talismans for several Crab warriors. [9]

Yori is Exposed Edit

Eventually Tadaka was met in the Shadowlands by Asako Tsuki, who reported his father Ujina had vanished and that the Phoenix Clan needed him back. While Tadaka was hesitating, Yori suspected from Tsuki's presence there, and drew his wakizashi, being attacked by a creature who bit his arm. Tadaka cast Breath of the Jade Dragon, expecting to kill the unknown assailant, but the creature was a nezumi, “Spike-in-the-Gut”, who had cared Tsuki in her time in the Shadowlands. The ratling was unharmed but all the people there realized that the invocation had wounded Yori, exposing that the Kuni Daimyō was already tainted. [10]

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