Isawa Ouno 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 57 
Siblings: Isawa,
Isawa Ariminhime,
Isawa Takeshi,
Three un-named siblings 
Titles: Master of Earth

Isawa Ouno was the brother of Isawa and the first Master of Earth. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Ouno was a quiet, contemplative man who spent his time studying the Elements and protecting his people. To Ouno, protection of the Tribe of Isawa was always the first concern and he studied Water to gain insight into the future. [2]

Elemental Master Edit

Ouno was brother of Isawa Ariminhime and other four siblings. After the dead of Ariminhine her brother Isawa founded the Council of Five, being his five siblings the first Elemental Masters. [3] There was evidence that he personally taught classes in the Tensai School of Earth, deep under Kyuden Isawa. [1]

First War Edit

Ouno was also a skilled armorsmith who crafted a great suit of armor after praying to the Fortune Bishamon. His people, now the Isawa family, were ready to march against Fu Leng, and Ouno led the bulk of his kin against the followers of the Dark Kami who had made it past Crab and Scorpion territory. He hunted down the fleeing and tattered armies of the Shadowlands for months after Fu Leng's defeat. [4]

Retirement Edit

In the year 57 Ouno retired from his position and went to meditate in an underground shrine. He eventually became one with the element he had spent his life mastering, becoming a stone statue. [5]

Preceded by:
Master of Earth
c. 42 - 57
Succeeded by:


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