Isawa Nesan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: (c. 1106
Children: Isawa Dairya 
Titles: Master of Fire

The reign of Isawa Nesan as Master of Fire and leader of the Council of Five was marked by peace and prosperity. The Phoenix during that time settled disturbances throughout Rokugan and established many prosperous trade agreements with the Unicorn Clan.

Nesan was the mother of then-Isawa Dairya. Her son was the dupe of a Scorpion plot and ended up killing her himself. Dairya was put through The Forgetting, then cast from the clan. [1]


  1. Way of the Phoenix, pp. 29-30

Preceded by:
Master of Fire
(c. 1087) - (c.1106)
Succeeded by:
Isawa Tsuke

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