Isawa Ariminhime 
Isawa Ariminhime 
Born: Pre-calendar 
Died: Early 1st century 
Siblings: Isawa,
Isawa Ouno,
Isawa Takeshi,
Three un-named siblings

Isawa Ariminhime was the youngest sister of Isawa. [1] She had other five siblings. [2]

Death Edit

She died in an early battle against Fu Leng at Gisei Toshi, killed by a marauding Oni, [3] or a Shuten Doji. [4] Her spirit was bound by a blood ritual to the walls of the city to help defend it. [1] [5]

Appearance after Death Edit

The spirit of Ariminhime resembled a young maiden, with lustrous black hair falling loose over one shoulder. Her dark eyes shone with a mournful grey light. Her hands were covered with fresh blood, the palms slashed. Beneath the waist she faded into nothing. [6] If at any time, the walls of the city were touched with blood, her spectre would appear to defend the Phoenix Clan. [5]

Siege of Gisei Toshi Edit

She was still present at the city when Iuchiban laid siege to it in 1165. [6]

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