Isawa's Helm
Isawa's Helm
Created by: Asahina artisans
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Isawa's Helm was crafted by Asahina artisans. It had Crane magic and was rumored to have the lingering spirit of Isawa himself. [1]

Creation Edit

When Isawa Asahina created his new family within the Crane Clan, he forged this kabuto and gifted it to the Council of Five a year and a half after he left the Phoenix Clan. The Helm was always in the care of the Master of Air, and given to Voice of the Masters to carry the power of the Council with him. [2] Heroes as Shiba Tetsu, Shiba Yoma or Masakazu wore it. [3]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Isawa's Helm was a large red-and-gold kabuto displaying the Phoenix mon. The mempo of the Helm was plain, as befitted the peaceful nature of both the Asahina and the Isawa family. It might only be worn by one who had received it to perform a task set by the Elemental Masters. The Helm granted immunity to mind-affecting spells, except those cast by the Elemental Masters. [2]

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