The Imperial Families were the families of the Emperor and his closest followers. The original Imperial line was founded by the Kami Hantei, and the families by his followers Seppun and Otomo. Miya was granted a family at the beginning of the reign of Hantei Genji. [1] Toturi became emperor following the death of Hantei XXXIX during the Clan War and the end of the Hantei Dynasty, [2] and in turn Iweko I became Empress in the Celestial Tournament in 1170. [3]

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The following are the families of the emperors and their followers:

Samurai Edit

See Samurai of the Imperial Families for a listing of notable members of the families, both current and historic. For the leaders of the imperial families, see also:

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The following are the most notable holdings of the Imperial families. For more of the holdings, please see Imperial Holdings.

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The following are the basic Schools within the Imperial Families:

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The following are the Paths within the Imperial Families:

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