Court Attendants

Court Attendants

The Imperial Court, also called the '"World of the Shining Prince', [1] was the court and of the Emperor and its attendants which was located in the Imperial City.

Purpose Edit

It was created by Lady Doji [2] as the place where the diplomats and courtiers practiced the art of civilization, arranging marriages, negotiating alliances and conducting business for their clans. Houses could rise or fall within the Imperial Court, even without the loss of a single life, or the losses of thousands. The Imperial Court was not just a place with walls and rooms, but a living entity comprimised of ambassadors and diplomats following the Emperor. The court would spent six months of the year in the capital of Rokugan, and the rest travelling the Great Clans, and to host the Emperor's court was a great honor. Although who hosted the court varied it was notable that it was more frequently hosted by the Crane or Phoenix Clans as opposed to the Crab or Dragon. The Imperial Court was also called the "World of the Shining Prince", which was a direct reference to the lineage of the Hantei Emperors. [3]

Attendants Edit

The Imperial Court was formed by the direct member's of the Emperor's family, [4] and the courtiers of the clans that were stationed there.

Location Edit

Otosan Uchi Edit

The court was located at Otosan Uchi since the foundation of the Empire until the destruction of the city in 1159, known as the Fall of Otosan Uchi. [5]

Kyuden Miya Edit

The Four Winds decided to make their own courts in four differents cities. The Imperial Court did not exist until Miya Shoin and Ide Tadaji sponsored a new united court at Kyuden Miya, elected because its neutral location. [6]

Toshi Ranbo Edit

Shortly after the election of Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho as the new capital of Rokugan in 1160, [7] the court moved there. [6] The primary public entry to the court was known as Grand Concourse. [8]


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