The Imperial Advisor was head of the Emperor's advisory council and was responsible for making appointments to the court, advising the Emperor in all matters of court, as well as keeping the Emperor informed about all events in the Empire. Because the Imperial Advisor controled the access of the Clans to the Emperor, he had a great deal of political power. [1]

Founding Edit

Lady Doji was the first Imperial Advisor, [2] and since the time of the First Hantei, a Crane was chosen until the early 12th century. [3] This tradition was later not followed, and it was known other Clan's members were appointed to this station.

Imperial Advisors Edit

The Imperial Advisor was an informal position, though one had always existed according to recorded history. [4] They resided and worked in the Imperial Palace. [5] The following is a list of the known Imperial Advisors:

Lady Doji Pre-calendar - 102
Gorinno 532 - 535
Miya Karuo (c. 589) - 608
Kakita Ryoku (c. 1103) - 1120
Bayushi Kachiko 1120 - 1123
Kakita Yoshi 1128 - 1132
Kakita Yoshi, Returned Spirit 1138 - 1150 [citation needed]
Ide Tadaji 1150 - 1160
Doji Tanitsu 1160 - 1169
Daigotsu Susumu 1170 - 1173
Moru 1173 - 1199
Yasuki Makoto 1199 - Present

Unknown dates Edit

The following were Imperial Advisors, but the dates were not recorded.

Agasha Ginden  ? - ?


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