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Sume, an Ikoma Spymaster

The Ikoma Lion's Shadow, also known as Ikoma Spymaster, were a small and extremely secretive group who followed the footsteps of their family founder, Ikoma, a ruthless, pragmatic individual who would embrace dishonorable tactics as a necessary means. The Lion's Shadow would sacrifice their honor for the sake of the Lion Clan. [1]

Founding Edit

In the year 400 the Lion learn far too late about the quiet problems between the Crab and Crane which had led to the Yasuki defection. The Spymaster school was created to strengthen the information-gathering resources of the Lion. [2]

Tradition Edit

A small number of ikoma used practical subversive tactics to undermine their foes and gather vital military information. That these practices were dishonorable was of little concern to these men and women; after all, they had an oath to their family's founder to defend and protect the Lion Clan with every means at their disposal. [3]

Dojo Edit

They were trained at the secret Honor's Sacrifice Dojo, and would normally perform duties of historians, courtiers, bushi and omoidasu. Until the rule of Ikoma Daimyo Ikoma Sume their existance was almost completely unknown, even to the previous Ikoma Daimyo. [4] They employed ronin to keep the peace on the House of the Morning Dew and secretly used the geisha to gather information for their spy network. [5]

Known Techniques Edit

History Edit

The spymasters were active along all the history of Rokugan. During the Clan War they served as diplomats, after the conflict were even more active, and after the War Against Shadow they focused in rebuilding the information destroyed in the Ikoma Records by minions of the Lying Darkness, and also gathering all the knowledge about a new threat, the Tsuno. [3]

Known Spymasters Edit

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