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Born: Pre-calendar 
Died: 82 
Children: Ikoma Jujinin, Ikoma Komori, 7 un-named sons 
Titles: Ikoma family Founder

Ikoma was one of the first followers of Akodo, and the founder of the Ikoma family. [1]

Early years[]

Ikoma spent his younger years as a pit fighter. He usually fought for food, but occasionally he also fought for honor. He was also a storyteller, who was dedicated to keeping his memory keen and awake. [2]


In the year 12 [3] Akodo was seeking followers and arrived to a geisha house, where Ikoma was in. The Kami was quickly angered by the old man, who boasted he had never been bested and even called 'boy' to Amaterasu's son. Ikoma began to explain how he had gained many scars, battling ogres, Bog Hags, lost an eye to a Kakita Duelist, and so many more. With each scar, the old man told another story to Akodo. The Kami was so impressed that he eventually declined to fight Ikoma, so he retained his self-imposed title as 'the strongest man in the world'. [4] Ikoma was at least fifty years old when he joined the Lion, [5] becoming Akodo's karo, advisor, historian, judge, and his closest friend. Akodo called him "Migite", which meant Right Hand. [6]


"The finest gift of the Kami, sake. I bless Lord Hida with every cup I drink, and curse him when I awaken the next morning"

Ikoma was well know for liking sake, women and boasting. In one such story he claimed to have broken the back of a troll with his bare hands, just to amuse a pretty woman. [8]

Hunting Kitsu[]

"You do whatever you have to do to win. Honor is a pretty word, but it won’t save your life. I’m an old man, boy, and I got to be an old man by doing whatever it takes to survive."

Ikoma was a part of the group hunting Kitsu. The group was led by Akodo personally, who was following his brother's decree to kill anything non-human. It was a young man named Akodo Mirotai who realized the Kitsu were more than just beasts. Ikoma had also noticed, but did not say anything. Akodo was made aware of the true nature of the Kitsu, and ended the scourge of their kind. [7]


Despite Ikoma never married, [6] he had nine sons, the eldest of which stepped forward to be the Lion Clan thunder. Before Ikoma Jujinin could finish pledging himself to the cause he was struck to the floor by Matsu, who took his place. [9] Another son, [Ikoma Komori]] was gifted with the Ikoma Tessen by Akodo himself, and became the next Ikoma Daimyo. [10]


Ikoma Sensei

Ikoma died in 82 in a geisha house just in the ourtskirts of the Crane territory. Ikoma's death was celebrated in the fourteenth day of the Monkey. Instead honorated him, the men had to pay a geisha to bring sake, rice and sushi to the Ikoma's Shrine, and the girls should be there whole day listening to the old man's histories. [6]

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Preceded by:
Ikoma Daimyo
12 - 82
Succeeded by:
Ikoma Komori


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