Ide family


Clan: Unicorn Clan 
Founded: 31 
Daimyo: Ide Tobuko 
"Violence is the language of defeat, swords the tongues of the lost." [1]

The Ide family were founded by Ide, Shinjo's most valuable ally once she entered the foreign cultures of the Burning Sands. He adapted to the changing cultures and customs with a skill absolutely unparalleled. His descendants still do the same, acting as the clan's diplomats and ambassadors to the other clans and to the Imperial Court. [1]

Ki-Rin's Exodus Edit

During the Ki-Rin's Exodus the families of the Ki-Rin were divided into four groups after the War with the Rocs to search for a passage home. The Ide and the Moto encountered the Ashalan, a race of immortal beings sharing a finite number of souls. [2]

Politics of the Ide Edit

Daimyo of the Ide Family Edit

The following is a listing of the known daimyo of the Ide family:

Ide 31 - ?
Ide Sunosa (c. 442)
Ide Tadan (c. 790)
Ide Tadaji's uncle  ? - ?
Ide Tadaji  ? - 1165
Ide Tang 1165 - 1170
Ide Eien 1170 - ?
Ide Tobuko  ? - Present

Vassals of the Ide Edit

The following were the known vassal families of the Ide family:

Within the Family Edit

Mon Edit

The Ide family mon showed a gold-colored hand open in friendship and giving. The green octagon that formed the background represented the Emerald Empire and the eight children who founded it. [3]

Schools Edit

The Ide Emissary were used, while the Unicorn Clan was out of Rokugan, as the people through which first contact was made with other cultures. Since the Unicorn returned, they were used as the clan's diplomats. They had mastered the wabukan, the peaceful path. [4]

Lands Edit

Ide provinces

Ide provinces

The Ide lands were renowned for their unusual flora, specimens brought from various foreign places. [5]

Provinces Edit

Holdings of the Ide Edit

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