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Ide Tadaji 
Ide Tadaji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165, Month of the Goat [1] 
Parents: Ide Daimyo's brother 
Siblings: Un-named brother 
Spouse: Asako Kaori 
Children: Ide Yoshiko,
un-named son 
Titles: Ide Daimyo
Imperial Advisor

Ide Tadaji was a Unicorn Clan courtier and the daimyo of the Ide family during the Clan War. He was an experienced diplomat and usually represented the Unicorn in court. He became Imperial Advisor in the reign of Toturi I after the War of Spirits.

Early Years Edit

Disability Edit

Tadaji was the eldest son of the brother of the Ide Daimyo. [2] He was born with a club foot, which meant that he would never be able to ride a horse. His innability was hidden by his parents through all his childhood. [3] Thus it seemed that Tadaji would have no use for his clan. This was far from the case, however, as Tadaji became one of the most important members of the Unicorn. [4]

Training Edit

Tadaji was originally apprenticed to Iuchi Daiyu, who quickly realized that the Ide had no ability as a shugenja. Daiyu felt sorry for Tadaji and became his only friend, teaching him all about Unicorn lore. Daiyu spoke to the Ide daimyo shortly before Tadaji's gempukku on behalf of his student. The daimyo agreed to send Tadaji to a monastery to learn more about the people of Rokugan. Tadaji returned from Dragon lands for the funeral of the Ide Daimyo who had passed sentence on him. He had changed, full of confidence and with a powerful voice and a strong knowledge of the courts. Daiyu and the other Unicorn warmly welcomed Tadaji home. [5] [4] He also managed to arrange a marriage to a Phoenix maiden, Asako Kaori. [2]

Earning Reputation Edit

Ide Tadaji 3

Ide Tadaji

He was immediately accepted into the Ide Emissary school, [5] enrolled in the Calm Heart Dojo near Shiro Ide shortly thereafter. While studying, Tadaji proved himself to be a reputable advisor and fierce voice for the Unicorn. His reputation led to Tadaji serving Shinjo Yokatsu by impressing the Emperor during a visit to the Unicorn lands. Yokatsu rewarded Tadaji by sending him to Otosan Uchi and making him the Unicorn's voice in the Imperial Court. [6]

Imperial Court Edit

Tadaji was sent as the Unicorn ambassador to the Imperial Court. [7] Tadaji's friendship with Shosuro Taberu, who he met with waiting for an audience with a Lion Clan ambassador, was long and storied. The two were legendary for their long games of Go [8] [4] on one of the islands in the Imperial Water Gardens. He also spent time with his former sensei Iuchi Daiyu. [9] Tadaji played shogi but never was an expert on the game. [10]

Hito district Edit

The Hito district was governed by a likeable Unicorn, Ide Ukuri. Tadaji was irate by the forgiving administration and association with peasants conducted by Ukuri, and it was rumored Tadaji would be the next in line for this post. [11]

Winter Court - 1122 Edit

In 1122 Tadaji attended Hantei XXXVIII's winter court at Kyuden Seppun. He was the assistant of the newly appointed Otaku Daimyo, Otaku Kamoko. She showed little insterest in the ways of the court, and even she won a riding contest to a Scorpion, gaining his enmity. [12]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Tadaji was part of the Unicorn forces led by the Unicorn Clan Champion Shinjo Yokatsu that arrived at Otosan Uchi in the second day of the Scorpion Coup to fight against Bayushi Shoju's army. [13]

Family Edit

Tadaji married and had a daughter, Ide Yoshiko. [14] His wife had died giving birth to their son, the couple's second child. [15]

Clan War Edit

Kisada's Ambition Edit

Ide Tadaji 2

Ide Tadaji

In 1126 Tadaji was present in the Imperial Court when a tainted Seppun messenger told Hantei XXXIX that Hida Kisada had raised an army against the Emperor, composed by Crab warriors, oni, and minions of the Shadowlands. It was the beginning of the Clan War. [16]

Assassination Attempt Edit

Bayushi Aramoro saved Tadaji from a ninja assassination attempt in the Test of the Emerald Champion in 1127. They were unable to identify the assassin because he destroyed his own features with his Climbing Gear before Aramoro could catch him. [17]

Cancelled Winter Court Edit

Shiro Ide had been selected to host winter court this year, and the Ide expended a great deal of wealth and favors preparing for the Emperor Hantei XXXIX's arrival. They were incensed when it was cancelled, citing poor health of the Emperor. The Unicorn recall all of their ambassadors from Otosan Uchi shortly thereafter. [18]

Dead Son Edit

His son perished in the Clan War. [19]

Toturi's rule Edit

Hidden Emperor Edit

In 1132 Tadaji wain the Imperial Court when the famine stroke Rokugan. Hitomi sent Hitomi Kobai with a proposal of supply of food in exchange of Imperial protection in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. [20]

Madness of Toturi Edit

The same year the Emperor Toturi I stepped down the Lion as the Right Hand of the Emperor, and the Unicorn took this role instead. Toturi ordered Tadaji as Unicorn representative in the Court to punish the Lion for threatening the Crab, as well as to destroy the Kitsu for their corruption. [21] [22]

Imperial Advisor Edit

Ide Tadaji 1

Ide Tadaji

After the second death of the first Imperial Advisor of the Toturi dynasty, [23] Kakita Yoshi, [24] Tadaji became the Imperial Advisor of Toturi I. [4]

Legacy of the Naga Edit

Tadaji was given the honor of acting as the speaker for his Clan in 1135 when the Naga gifted to the Unicorn the golden pearl known as the Legacy of the Naga. [25] After several years Akasha was hatched from this pearl. [26]

Preparations of the Winter Court Edit

In 1158 when the Four Winds issued invitations to the Emperor's Winter Court, [27] it fell to Tadaji to vie for the favor of one of the Winds. [28]

Death of Gaheris Edit

In 1159 Tadaji was in the Moto Gaheris's bedchamber in the last hours of Unicorn Clan Champion. [29]

Growing elder Edit

Tadaji never faltered in his duty, even after several of his children died in service to their clan. Because of his unparalleled political maneuvering on behalf of the Unicorn, many courtiers took to calling him the Heart of the Unicorn. Tadaji had his hand in plots involving every great clan, and almost all daimyo owed him favors. [4] As his successor to the position of Imperial Advisor, Tadaji selected and trained Doji Tanitsu. [4]

Shadowed Tower Edit

In 1160 Tadaji had Miya Kamiko as a guest, who had been kidnapped by the Shadowed Tower, a separatist Scorpion organization. After Kamiko was released by the Imperial Legions she had been put under the Unicorn protection, until the arrival of her husband, the prominent courtier Miya Hatori. [30]

New Capital and Court Edit

Ide Tadaji 4

Ide Tadaji

In 1160 while the Four Winds were scattered in four different cities, Miya Shoin began to work in finding a new Imperial City for the upcoming Emperor [10] while Tadaji was rebuilding an Imperial Court at Kyuden Miya, [31] a neutral site. [32]

New Court Edit

The known members of the new Imperial Court were Doji Nagori, [31] Toritaka Tatsune, Kitsuki Tadashi, Hitomi Vedau, Kitsu Juri, Shosuro Higatsuku and Moto Chen. [33]

New Capital Edit

The new capital of the Empire was decided in the Court, when Doji Kurohito stepped in and informed the Crane had already begun its construction, as a form of penance, to cause the distraction in the Crab from his duty due to the Yasuki issue. The city decided was the disputed Toshi Ranbo, under Lion at that time. Matsu Nimuro joined the Court and confirmed the location and their united effort with the Crane in improving the city. Nobody among the Court said a word against. [33]

Empress' Return Edit

Surprisingly Toturi Kaede, Empress of Rokugan and Oracle of Void, returned from the Dragonlands to Kyuden Seppun. Kaede requested to send messages to the Four Winds to be gathered around her. She had came to name the new Emperor, but before Daigotsu must be defeated. [34]

Toturi III Edit

Stepping Down Edit

Tadaji had selected Doji Tanitsu to succeed him once a new Emperor was chosen. After Hantei Naseru became Emperor Toturi III, Tanitsu rose to the position of Imperial Advisor. [35] Tadaji was a great friend and advisor of the new Emperor. Tadaji began to teach the sacrifices that the Empire would oblige Naseru. [36] Tadaji wrote his journals, The Makings of an Empire. [37]

War of the Rich Frog Edit

In 1165 Tadaji was shamed that Ide Tang used his expertise to legitime the War of the Rich Frog, against the Imperial Decree that forbade warring between Great Clans. Tadaji labored to update Imperial Law to both prevent such an abuse in the future and to protect his clan from reprisals. [38]

Death of his Daughter Edit

Tadaji's daughter was a gifted administrator like her father, and had overseen Shiro Ide for many years. She had preceded her father in death only by a few years, succumbing to some unknown fever that had robbed her first of her mind, then her life. [15]

Death Edit

Ide Tadaji 5

Aged Tadaji

Ide Tadaji died in 1165 and Ide Tang was the new Ide Daimyo appointed by Chagatai himself [39] [40] after several monts of discussions between the Ide. [15] Tadaji was revered across the Empire as an honored man, but some could remember his strange sense of humour. [41]

Legion of the Dead Edit

In 1166 Tadaji joined the Legion of the Dead. He had stepped forward to answer Matsu Goemon's call. [19]

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Preceded by:
Ide Tadaji's uncle
Ide Daimyo
? - 1165
Succeeded by:
Ide Tang
Preceded by:
Kakita Yoshi
Imperial Advisor
1150 - 1160
Succeeded by:
Doji Tanitsu


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