I Ching was a compemdium of rokugani philosophy, which was also used for divination. It was based on a series of symbols called hexagrams.

Sayings Edit

  • "When strength is robust and not trapped, its justice is not thwarted and its duty is not frustrated." [1]
  • "Fire is beneficial for the success of the upright... Flexibility gets through successfully by clinging to balance and rectitude... Illumination doubled makes fire. Thus do great people shine on the four quarters with continued light." [1]
  • "Alt things and beings are produced through the sensitivity of heaven and earth. The sensitivi­ty of sages moves peoples minds so much that the world is harmonious and peaceful, lie aware... and all things in the universe can he seen." [2]
  • "With tranquility, the small departs and the great arrives with auspicious success." [3]
  • "With tranquility, the small goes and the great arrives, with auspicious success." [4]
  • "When strength is robust, its justice is not thwarted and its duty is not frustrated." [5]


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