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The Merchant Houses of Dahab was the most important faction in Medinaat al-Salaam, based in its economic power. The Caliphate and the Sultanate had the authority in the Jewel, the truth was that both must consider what the Dahabi would think before they took action.

Foundation Edit

When the Jinn were beaten back at the end of the First Age, many decided that man should not be ruled by the deific powers, as Jinn, sahir or even Ashalan. Man should rule his own destiny and future. They formed a secretive group known as the Qolat. Being the money and water which controlled man, and controlling man they could be steered away from the celestial, the Houses of Dahab were created. [1]

Levelling Edit

The elder houses of Medinaat al-Salaam confronted decisions of the Sultan, and began to hire mercenaries. It risked the start of a rebellion, and to level their power, the Merchant Houses were given the direct access to the Caliph and the Sultan. The first representative of the houses was Dahab Menjari, leader of the House of Menjari. The Houses of Dahab became the third power in the government of the Jewel. [2]

Houses Edit

The Houses of Dahab were ruled by several Merchant Kings. [3] Their estates were located to the west and windward side of the Palace. [4] The Council for Trade, which was the largest and most significant body under the Sultan's purview, was the puppet of the Houses of Dahab. [5]

Recent History Edit

Merchant Wars Edit

In 1105 the Merchant Houses closed several of the brothels run by the Order of the Assassins. The Old Man of the Mountain, leader of the order, murdered many of the Merchant Kings in compensation. [6]

The Jewel Embargoed Edit

The Merchant Kings embargoed the Jewel, and the population suffered starvation. Revolts happened everywhere in the city, and shortly after the Awakening the embargo had still not been revoked. [7]

After the Awakening Edit

The Houses of Dahab were working to massage the life back into the Jewel of the Desert’s economy. Damage done thirty years ago by the Erba'a Alliance's siege and the Awakening was being repaired. With Sultan Yusef III’s bizarre, Immortal Caliph-influenced policies repealed by the current Sultan, the last barrier was gone and the Houses were ready to take over the Jewel’s economy once again. However, there was a significant barrier to this: the Houses’ internecine fighting. Two factions were sparring for control of Houses of Dahab. [8]

Dahab Society Edit

Warriors Edit

The Dahab warriors were Tall men with long spears and scimitars, each wore light banded armor and peaked caps, encircled with iron rings. [9]

Language Edit

The Dahab used the Mekhem tongue. [9]

Known Houses Edit

Known Champions Edit

Kasib al Atif  ? - ?


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