The House of Goju was the dojo were the Goju Ninja were trained. The Goju learnt how to strike swiftly, vanish into the shadows, manipulate the power of Nothing, and corrupt the hearts of the weak and foolish. It only existed a short time, [1] and later the Goju Ninja were trained in the Fallen Throne Dojo located on the Ruined City. [2]

Building Edit

It was an enormeous dojo in the heart of the City of the Lost. A massive altar dominated the inner chambers, with a tremendous sculpture of a the Shadow Dragon worked in pure obsidian. [3] It was the only place known where the Shadow Dragon physically entered the mortal world. [4] As a creation of the Shadow Dragon, every piece of the grounds and the structure was alive and reacts to its environment. The Goju and their stronghold were free of the Taint. [5]

Traditions Edit

The Goju were unable to procreate, and passed their name on to those they could twist toward selfishness and evil, bringing them into the fold. In the house their bodies were strenghtened by the power of Nothing and they underwent their training as ninja.

Under the guidance of the Shadow Dragon the Goju spread over Rokugan and sought those who desired to bring pain and death. After the Goju fulfilled the deed, he demanded the payment, the surrender of one's soul to the Goju, growing in number.

The Goju were wholly loyal to Daigotsu and served him as his assassins, but the Dark Lord used them carefully, being much too important to not reveal their existence. [6]

Training Edit

The Goju combined conventional ninjutsu training and mastery of the power of Nothing. Once being a Goju, the past needs and desires were dimly remembered. The student who did not advance swiftly were consumed by the Shadow Dragon. Being devoted to excellence, there was no need for punishment in the dojo. [7]

Benefits Edit

Those who trained at the House of Goju seemed to be the Shadow Dragon's special favorites, able to call upon the guidance of the dragon itself. [8]

Sensei Edit

Before the Battle of Oblivion's Gate the Goju had no sensei, the Lying Darkness taught all they needed. After the battle the Shadow Dragon appointed a sensei, and when it would be necessary he would choose a new one. [7]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Student Edit


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