Hidden Storehouse of House Rafiq

Storehouse of House Rafiq

House Rafiq was a powerful, corrupted kshatriya thoroughly controlled by the Cult of the Destroyer.

Cult of Ruhmal Edit

House Rafiq wished no more than to destroy everthing around them, and let the world burn for the glory of Shiva the Destroyer. They made attacks over the world to take a victory in every major country of the world so they could claim nothing was within his cult's reach. In 1132 only Rokugan remained intact of their influence. [1]

Mission in Rokugan Edit

The House Rafiq leaders plotted to destroy the Rokugani Seppun family, as another victim to their goddess greatness. Feydn Rafiq was sent with Anata, a Kali-Ma's daughter, to this mission. [2] Anata was killed when she was exposed as a demon in the Emerald Empire. [1]

Destroyed Edit

It could be assumed that the house was destroyed during the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War, as the Mantis Clan allied against them with the rest of the Ivory Kingdoms at the end of the war. [3]

Known Members Edit

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