The Hoshi Trading House was established by the Dragon Clan in Medinaat al-Salaam to trade with the kingdoms of the Burning Sands. Hoshi Wayan sent Hoshi Chuichi to found and tend it. He not only traded goods, he also traded for information. [1] Rokugani silks were exchanged for exotic spices, coffee, and other curiosities. [2] There were never more than a half-dozen Dragon at any one time, and many years passed with solitary samurai keeping watch over the city. [3]

Mystical Studies Edit

Over subsequent decades the Hoshi and Togashi used it to bring knowledge of the Tao of Shinsei to the Burning Sands. The Trading House was a dojo and a place to study the prophecies of the gaijin mystic named Mekhem and the mystical intricacies of Hakim's Seal. [2]


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